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United Housing Mass Housing AwardMassHousing annually recognizes the efforts of property management companies that make a concerted effort to do business with Minority and Women-Owned Businesses (M/WBEs). Last year, MassHousing again presented its highest award to United Housing Management which provided $3.1 million to minority-owned businesses and $1.6 million to women-owned businesses in contracts. United Housing Management achieved the highest rate of participation with M/WBEs compared to any other large management company in Mass-Housing’s management portfolio in Massachusetts.

United Housing Management has always strived to excel in the areas of Minority and Women Business Enterprise participation. We consider each of our vendors and suppliers to be a part of the United Housing Management team. United Housing Management maintains a current list of SOWMBA certified MBE and WBE businesses together with MassHousing listings of approved companies for the procurement of goods and services. United Housing Management will also contact these companies by mail as appropriate bidding opportunities arise.

Every year MassHousing rates all the management companies that manage the 70 residential developments in Linkage Area I for their utilization of MBEs and WBEs to determine which management companies are “doing the right thing” and which management companies are falling down on the job (that is, achieving less than 50% MBE utilization). This chart summarizes the most recent ratings by MassHousing for fiscal year July, 2007 through June, 2008:

Housing Statistics Roxbury DorchesterUnited Housing Management is proud of the fact that it has continuously achieved the highest percentage score compared to all of the other large, management company portfolios as monitored by MassHousing.

MassHousing has studied the dollar amount of the annual expenditures through the utilization of minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses (“MBEs”) by all of the management companies that manage governmentally subsidized and regulated properties in the Roxbury/Dorchester area of Boston.

MassHousing isolated within the housing budgets those expenditures that are discretionary (such as choice of a heating contractor, lawyer, roofer, plumber, auditor, cleaner, insurance agent, painter, electrician, security agent) and ignored non- discretionary expenditures (such as utilities, taxes and mortgage debt service) and then they tallied up the percentage of voluntarydiscretionary MBE and WBE utilization by each management company. The negative impact of these very low scores translates very easily into lost, local revenue dollars, lost forever to the affected local businesses and lost forever by their potential employees who are the affected community residents in terms of steady jobs, sufficient family income, self-sufficiency and self-esteem.

Each of us knows that the lack of support for local businesses, particularly minority-owned businesses, can simply mean jobs lost by neighbors, or family, or even yourself. United Housing Management’s record of strong support for local businesses, particularly minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses, in the management of its properties means that good, steady jobs can be created upon which a local working family can build their future.

The record of United Housing Management is a record of very strong support for local businesses, particularly support for local minority-owned businesses, all of which we consider to be a vital part of our “management team.” That means that good, steady jobs are being created by United Housing Management working with local businesses and the families of their employees to build up the community workforce.

United Housing Management wants to work with each property that it manages to achieve similar goals through the support of local businesses as part of the management plan for each property.

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MassHousing again presented its highest award to United Housing Management which achieved the highest rate of participation with M/WBEs compared to any other large management company...

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